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Exchange of Information

“This new series of work stems from an interest in our relationship with birds. Ten years ago I made a series of pieces called Love of Animals. In these sculptures I placed a figure of a man in a close and intimate position with an animal form, in fact he was holding the animal in his hand and their noses were almost touching. These works dealt, specifically, with the connection and affection that we have for our pets and perhaps with a wider theme of innocence and how we relate to the natural world around us.

I have now taken a more cynical stance in which this innocence is questioned. The bird has now become a symbol for unreliability and mistrust in our society and how information can be used against us.

These strange little ceramic figurines have a dark innocence of their own. Although they are mass produced and quickly hand painted in a spontaneous way, they have a quality and colour tone that lends itself well to this new body of work.”

David Reekie, November 2007

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Exchange of
Information II, 2007

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