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Contrasts & Collaborations

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes live together and work in the same studio, which they have designed to accommodate their individual technical needs. They are seldom away from one another and their daughter Amy, born three years ago, has cemented a close relationship of more than a decade, bringing them even closer. Not surprisingly after seeing so much of each other, being exposed to one another’s work and relying on one another for advice, they now have the urge to combine their rather different talents.

The exhibition is in part retrospective and in part consists of new work. The new work is both by each individual artist but also marks the beginning of their new collaboration.

Please consult the catalogue for details on the current availability of pieces from this exhibition.

Download the Contrasts & Collaborations Exhibition Catalogue in PDF format.

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Sally Fawkes & Richard Jackson
Unknown Movement, 2008

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